Kratos Fly Fitness eccentric velocity based training flywheel training

The Quest Station Advantage

Kratos Fly Fitness eccentric velocity based training flywheel training

Not just another flywheel machine

The creators behind Kratos Fly Fitness bring a wealth of engineering expertise, boasting a collective experience of over 50 years. Our mission in developing this product line transcended the desire to replicate existing market offerings. Instead, we set out to envision a paradigm shift.

At the core of our innovation lies the Quest Station—a groundbreaking fusion of two traditionally distinct products. What sets it apart is our patented removable anchor system, seamlessly integrating functionality that previously required separate systems. The Quest Station represents the epitome of our efforts, a testament to our commitment to revolutionize the fitness industry.

Thinking outside the box

When conceiving the Quest Station, our foremost objective was to enhance user experience by providing ample working space. Many existing products offered limited standing room and restricted users to a single position during workouts. Moreover, the elevation of the platform in those products posed safety concerns.

To address these issues, we strategically relocated the workout point away from the flywheel. This simple yet ingenious adjustment allowed us to create multiple anchor points for diverse workout positions. Placing the flywheel at the top of the platform was another key modification, enabling us to offer a significantly larger and safer workspace while minimizing floor elevation.

Built for the user

The flywheel resistance system of the Quest Station features remarkable enhancements that break away from convention. Being users of the machine ourselves, we swiftly recognized that incorporating a numbered strap would drastically streamline the setup process when transitioning between workouts. To cater to off-platform workouts, we extended the strap length available to users and introduced a convenient kick wheel to initiate each set

Simple and Eligant design

Why should exercise equipment always lack aesthetics? This was a question we pondered and were determined to address. While our primary focus was on optimizing functionality, we also held aesthetics and design principles in high regard. In our design process, we seamlessly integrated wood—an homage to the Pacific Northwest, the birthplace of this machine. It serves not only as a nod to our origins but also as a gentle reminder of the essence of your workout—to embrace the outdoors, stay active, and conquer each day.

While the Quest Station may not take center stage in your home, it's sure to grab attention and ignite intriguing conversations—hopefully revolving around your passionate training pursuits. We've meticulously designed it to seamlessly harmonize with your environment and lifestyle, marrying both form and function.

Kratos Fly Fitness eccentric velocity based training Flywheel Training

Built to last in the pacific northwest

The components of the Quest Station undergo precision machining and assembly right here in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Engineered for exceptional durability, this product can withstand resistance loads of up to 900lbs. Our integration of precision bearings ensures a superior eccentric workout experience by minimizing energy loss caused by friction, resulting in a more efficient and effective fitness routine.