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Kratos Fly Fitness eccentric velocity based training flywheel training

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Riley Beecroft set a goal to break the state record in the 100M dash, with his father and coach, Wes Beecroft, by his side. A weightlifting enthusiast with no experience in sprint coaching, Wes poured himself into learning and training alongside his son. 

Riley broke the middle school record in 8th grade, but suffered a hamstring injury during his high school season. Devastated, Wes dove even deeper into research on training techniques. But he had an ace in the hole — his career in mechanical engineering.

Kratos Fly Fitness eccentric velocity based training flywheel training



That combination of passion and technical knowledge led to the creation of the Wave Trainer, a product that enables others to pursue their own athletic goals.

That original prototype has undergone nearly five major redesigns and countless tests, all leading to the creation of a new breed of Isoinertial training equipment: Quest. Co-founders Wes and Jeff are proud to offer this game-changing technology, The evolution of the Quest flywheel family is nothing short of amazing, and it's ready to take your fitness to the next level.


  • endless movement options

    One flywheel device, endless movement options, all the benefits of eccentric training–the Kratos is a hit

    — Dr. Kelly Starrett
  • The kratos is different than anything we've done before

    The Kratos Flywheel is a solid option because of its ability to work both horizontally & vertically all in the same unit

    — Cooper Mitchell
  • The Experience is unparalleled

    I recently purchased a Kratos machine for at home use & am in love with it; the experience of training with the device is unparalleled...

    — Kratos User

Elevate your workouts with the Quest Fly Wheel

A groundbreaking training device harnessing the timeless laws of physics for an unparalleled fitness experience.