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Experience the joy of staying active, boosting self-esteem and achieving newfound fitness heights. Set and conquer active goals, fueling your sense of purpose. Take control of your fitness journey, saving time and space by ditching costly memberships and bulky equipment.

Strengthen Muscles in both directions!

Introducing the Quest line of flywheel trainers — an innovative training device that utilizes the timeless principles of physics to deliver a powerful workout.

Built on the foundation of Isaac Newton's first law, the Quest line of products employs a rotating flywheel to resist, store, and release kinetic energy generated by the athlete's effort.


full body workout In A Space Saving Blueprint

The Kratos Quest Station is the first vertical and horizontal flywheel training system on the market. Made in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Kratos Fly Fitness is proud to be the fitness system as limitless as you are.


Limitless Resistance

Flywheel Training enables you to train as light or heavy as you want by auto-adjusting to all levels of strength, whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete.

Freedom of Movement

Quest devices offer more than 40+ different exercises. Strengthen new ranges of motion and train your entire body with only one piece of equipment.

Train Anywhere

The Quest Compact and Portable are portable enough to bring with you wherever you go. Turn the world into your gym and never miss a session again.

Join Our Flywheel Revolution

Used By Professionals Globally

"Different than anything we've done before! The Kratos Flywheel is a great option because of it's ability to work both horizontally & vertically all in the same unit."
— Cooper Mitchell, Garage Gym Reviews

Dr. Kelly Starrett, The Ready State

"Kratos Accelerated My Rehabilitation Tremendously!"

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General Fitness User

What is the difference between flywheel training and a weight machine in the gym?

Flywheel training is based on Variable Resistance that comes from the level of Inertia used to perform an exercise, whereas regular weight machines are dependent on gravity.

What does “Concentric phase” and “Eccentric phase” mean?

The Concentric phase is when the muscle shortens or contracts and the Eccentric phase is when the muscle lengthens or extends.

Is this for beginners or advanced strength training?

Flywheel training is a great tool for all levels and all ages, being based on Variable Resistance each exercise can be adjusted to the level and age of the user.

How does Flywheel Training compare to traditional Weight Training?

The biggest difference between Flywheel training and traditional Weight Training is the use of Flywheels. Flywheels create Variable Resistance allowing each repetition to be a maximal repetition, using all the power in the muscle that is exposed to the resistance.

Why is Flywheel Training more effective than traditional weights?

By offering Variable Resistance and Eccentric Overload, Flywheel Training has been scientifically proven to be superior to weights for both strength gains & muscle hypertrophy.

Sports Performance

Is flywheel training better for hypertrophy or strength or both?

Flywheel training can be used for both hypertrophy and strength training which has been shown in multiple studies.

How can I quantify outputs and track progress over time?

You can quantify your training output with our RepOne Connected App where you can track all of your progress and keep records of previous training sessions in order to program your flywheel training.

Can I focus on Concentric Training using Kratos Fly Fitness devices?

Yes, all Kratos Fly Fitness devices allow for strength training concentrically and eccentrically with an emphasis on the eccentric phase. You can find various exercises and applications here.

What are other benefits of Flywheel Training apart from Eccentric Overload?

Some of the benefits of Flywheel training with variable resistance are that it allows for specific training such as Isometric Training, Mobility Training, Power Training, PAP, and more.

Can Kratos Fly Fitness devices provide enough resistance for strong athletes?

Yes, with all Kratos Fly Fitness Quest Flywheel devices the resistance is variable, dynamic, and unlimited. The resistance is based on the power input and the level of Inertia used for each exercise.