Quest Station Flywheel with Platform



The Quest Station is an inertial training device for horizontal and vertical workouts. The Quest Station stands apart thanks to our patented design that makes it possible to train horizontally and vertically in a single, space-saving unit with a generously sized, non-elevated base. 

What's Included?
  • Includes stained CNC-milled birch base**
  • Flexible installation
  • Switch seamlessly from horizontal to vertical pulling movements
  • Numbered strap for quick setup
  • Rated for resistance up to 900lbs 
  • Patented dual-axis engineering
  • Holds up to 4 flywheels with expansion to 8 flywheels possible 

Includes Base Accessory Package

  • (2) Hand Hold Grips 
  • (1) Extension Strap 
  • (1) Medium Flywheel
  • (1) Extra Large Flywheel
Ultimate Accessories

The Ultimate Bundle includes the following items.

  • Quest Station Machine
  • Vertical Wall Tube
  • Wheel Retainer
  • Wall Pivot


  • QTY (2) Hand Hold Grips
  • QTY (2) Extension Strap 
  • QTY (1) Extra Small Flywheel
  • QTY (1) Small Flywheel
  • QTY (1) Medium Flywheel
  • QTY (1) Large Flywheel
  • QTY (2) Extra Large Flywheel
  • QTY (1) Adjustable Squat Belt
  • QTY (1) Slant Board
  • QTY (1) Straight Bar
  • QTY(1) Tricep Rope
  • QTY(1) Spreader Bar
  • QTY(1) Ankle Cuff

Free shipping applies to base package machine and accessories. Shipping will be charged for the additional wheels and accessories unique to this bundle. 

Shipping & Returns

Kratos ships its products in packages of varying weights and dimensions. Please review the images here to know what size and weight of packages to expect.

Product is build to order and typically has a lead time of 1 to 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

Additional Information

Manufactured with pride in The Pacific Northwest, USA

US Patent #11,731,000 

EP Patent Pending

**Due to the availability of Cabinet Grade Baltic Birch, the wood top deck that the user stands on may include some plugging in the veneer layer, and should not be expected to be "Furniture Cosmetic Grade". However, the wood does has a uniform color and finish see example picture of "Plugging".

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Getting Started

Which Flywheel Do You Select?

Use the top range force equivalence for each flywheel below as a reference when selecting flywheels.

  • XS (15 lbs)
  • S (30 lbs)
  • M (60 lbs)
  • L (120 lbs)
  • XL (250 lbs)

Actual resistance is created by the user and will be variable based on the velocity of your movements. However these values can be used as a guide to help select the range of flywheels necessary for your strengthening goals. 

*Note: There is an additive effect when loading multiple flywheels on the machine at once. This can be used to tune resistance to match a desired movement velocity. 

Equipment That Best Fits Your Readiness Plan

Evaluate your space

  • Measure length width and height of your strengthening space 
  • Ensure that you have a suitable structure for mounting vertical tubes when applicable 
  • Check the overall package dimensions to ensure you can get them through doorways, up stairs or in elevators
  • Check and see what application specific materials you might need for your situation that are not provided. 

Select the product option that meets the requirements for your plan and space.

Select the right accessories

  • Purchase or acquire the accessories needed to perform the movements stated in your plan. Accessories can be purchased in product packages or A la carte
  • Ensure that the wheels selected are appropriate for the movements in your plan

Purchase and begin preparation for arrival 

  • Select a payment option that work for you 
  • Prepare the area for your equipment 
  • Identify placement by locating wall studs if applicable
  • If a baseboard spacer is needed, acquire the desired paint color if applicable. 

Round up tools

  • Make sure you have access to the common tools that are required for installation.

Upon arrival make sure you have a friend available to help you unpack, assemble and install the product.

Follow the installation instructions and get to know your machine

Scan the QR Code provided to access the movement video instructions.

Let everyone know that you have begun your journey! 

Download this list as PDF >>