Our Story


"Be blinded by your own ambitions."

Was a saying that was discussed frequently by Kratos Fly Fitness Co-Founder Wes Beecroft with his son Riley.


As a 7th grader, Riley set himself a goal to set a middle school state record in the 100M dash. This was tall order given that at the time Riley was a tall skinny kid that just began his career in sprinting. 


Riley was driven, focused, and determined to set that state record. Wes was a former high school football player that loved lifting weights and making random things, but knew nothing about sprinting. 


So, the adventure begins. Wes was blinded by his ambition to spend as much quality time together with his son before he grew-up and moved away.


Wes poured himself into learning the craft of strength training and sprint coaching and acted as his father and coach. 


The duo watched youtube videos together, read books, and trained at the local park.


Riley did set the Oregon Middle school record as an 8th grader. The record stood for a couple hours. That didn’t stop Riley from being proud of his accomplishments. 


Achieving his goal, Riley set a new goal to run the fastest time in his High Schools history 10.74.

Riley and Wes continued their training doing  “what works”.  

After training for nearly a year, Riley pulled his hamstring in the first race of the regular season. Riley was devastated, and Wes felt like he let his son down. 


Wes replayed the video of Riley pulling his hamstring twice the day of the race. As he did, guilt and frustration engulfed him. Wes deleted the video, but the image of Riley’s face is still clear as it just happened yesterday. 


Guilt, anger, and remorse soon turned into an unstoppable drive to not let this happen again. Questions like, how do the best in the world train, what do they eat, how do they think, all ran through Wes’ head. He didn’t know the answers to any of his questions. 


Wes decided he needed help. If Riley was going to pour his heart and sole into sprinting, Wes was going to pour his heart and soul into helping him be his best. 

The two absorbed every detail they could about sprinting and strength training. They traveled all over the United States in search of answers from the best in the industry. 


When they did, one thing became very clear. The best in the world used equipment Wes could not afford; $3,000 flywheel trainers, $6,000 treadmills, $20,000 overspeed devices.  


Wes was a working class Mechanical Engineer with a background in Machining making a respectable salary, but didn’t have the income to spend that kind of money on training equipment. Besides, he was still paying off his student loans.


So, instead of buying the equipment, he built it. 


What started as means to spend time with his son has turned into a company focused on making world class training more readily available for others to pursue their goals. 


The evolution of the Wave Trainer is amazing. After nearly 5 major redesigns, and countless failed tests Co-founders Wes and Jeff are proud to bring you the evolution of Isoinertial training equipment that all of our customers can use to


“Be Ready”